Artists Statement


“It’s not what I include in my painting that’s important, it’s what I don’t include” Georgia O’Keeffe

Spiritual transmission from Teacher to Student is at the core of the spiritual path. What is the best way for film to convey this transmission?  Devi Tide, Head of the Sufi Healing Order in North America, Sandra Ingerman, a Shamanic Healer and author of Soul Retrieval and Swami Sundaranand a Himalayan Yogi described as the Spiritual Protector of the Himalayas, have all worked with me under my direction in the exploration of this in film art.

Beside essentials like a deep and real knowledge of the esoteric traditions from years of training in the esoteric traditions, carefully paced editing and an unnoticed camera (aids in the calming of the mind), the most important element a filmmaker can posses is a practical knowledge of spiritual transmission that can only come from leading meditation for a number of years him or herself. This knowledge of both receiving and being the vessel through which spiritual transmission can occur is what has guided my film art.

Of course one must first be skilled in standard filmmaking techniques – training like this one has received at the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film Studies is essential to knowing the basis of which cinematic components are best adapted. Without the knowledge acquired from both sides of the equation of receiving spiritual and healing transmission and being the vessel through which it occurs, one is tempted to use standard film techniques which were developed to entertain and excite the mind, not still, heal or awaken the body, heart and soul. How to use visual truth to allow the divine transmission to come through the film’s teaching practitioner directly to the viewer; this is the basis of every aspect of my film work and what has led to the development of these deceptively simple pieces of film art.

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